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Feature Friday: New Paltz and Oneonta battle for Catskill Cup

Feature Friday: New Paltz and Oneonta battle for Catskill Cup

CORTLAND, N.Y. - When one thinks of collegiate sports rivalries, there are a few major competitors that come to mind. Michigan-Ohio State and UCLA-USC are obvious, but what about New Paltz-Oneonta? In the SUNYAC, the Hawks and the Red Dragons have created the Catskill Cup, a competition that fosters a rivalry and brings a greater level of competitiveness to their matchups.

Just over one hundred miles from each other, New Paltz and Oneonta are separated by the Catskill Mountains that run directly between the two campuses. The schools are longtime members of the SUNYAC and have been consistently successful in conference play. Sharing a common landmark and rich tradition in athletics became the perfect premise for their more recent rivalry.

Athletic administrators from both schools created the Catskill Cup in 2015. The schools have fourteen common sports and are awarded one point for a win in men's and women's basketball, baseball, and softball. Victories in all other sports garner two points. Postseason finished will also count towards point totals, with one point for a higher finish in conference standings and two points awarded for a conference championship.

Competition during the first three years has been fierce. The inaugural season saw Oneonta edge out a victory, 23.5-21.5. After the 2016-17 season, New Paltz emerged answered back, winning 22-20. This season is shaping up to be just as tightly-contested. At the time of writing, the Red Dragons hold a narrow 11-9 lead over the Hawks. They secured this lead thanks to higher finishes in men's and women's soccer final standings. The winter season will see the schools clash six times in four different sports during regular season play.  Oneonta holds a 4-2 home-facility advantage. 

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